Are dogs able to detect a pregnancy?


During pregnancy, the woman's hormones are revolutionized: her body begins to produce the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone and her estrogen and progesterone levels skyrocket. These changes are not visible to the naked eye, but dogs are able to perceive them through smell. Dogs may notice variations in the pH of the mucous membranes of pregnant women, as well as the change caused by hormonal ups and downs in the composition of your saliva, tears and urine.

What happens is that canine smell has about 300 million receptor cells, 50 times the number of receptors that the human nose has. This means that His nose is 50 times more potent than ours, which allows him to perceive very subtle odors.

In addition, dogs are also great observers. Most dogs develop an excellent visual ability that allows them to notice barely noticeable details, such as a slight increase in body weight or an increase in belly volume. In fact, They can notice these details even before the woman herself or her partner.

Also, experts from the Institute of Applied Ethology and Animal Psychology in Horgen, Switzerland claim that dogs are very intuitive and may notice the mood swings that take place during the first weeks of pregnancy in women, even before their partner. In fact, all those who have had a dog as a pet will know that these animals They are able to detect the different emotions that their owner experiences, from sadness and anxiety to joy or discouragement.

3 signs in dogs that warn us of a pregnancy

Curiously, Dogs not only notice pregnancies but are also able to communicate it. So if you know your pet well and have a close emotional relationship, you can probably understand what he wants to say through the changes in his behavior.

  1. They become more protective and affectionate. They approach their owner and ask for caresses more frequently, and sometimes they can be aggressive, even with familiar people, if they consider them to get too close to their owner or do so abruptly.
  2. Sometimes, They can be jealous and demand more attention than usual. They are likely to insist on going out at unusual times or want to play more frequently.
  3. If before they liked to spend time with their owner, now she won't take her eyes off her and wherever he goes, they will follow.

Dogs smell hormonal changes

As much as you master the canine language, don't think that your dog will call a family reunion and announce the pregnancy of the owner of the house.

The truth is that these pets early perceive the hormonal changes that occur in the body of pregnant women, even before they themselves.

And how do they manifest this alteration they warn? With variations in their behavior. Generally, sticking more to his mistress. Other times, taking distance. Each animal, in its own way, will demonstrate that something different is happening.

It is not wrong to say, then, that Dogs are the best pregnancy test there can be.

Reasons why dogs are able to detect a pregnancy

That the dog's smell surpasses the human is not a novelty. It is estimated that dogs have a smell between 10 thousand and 100 thousand times higher than human. The novelty for many is that its powerful nose allows to smell the chemical changes that occur in the female body because of a pregnancy.

We tell you some details about the prodigious smell of these pets compared to ours:

  • They have 50 times more olfactory receptors than people.
  • They hold between 200 and 300 million olfactory cells. Humans have only 5 million.
  • The brain area dedicated to this sense is 40 times larger than ours.

Dogs and pregnancies

But once the dog has detected a pregnancy and has noticed it with some change in behavior, how does the story continue until delivery? Women who have had children and live with these pets have endless experiences to tell about it.

  • Some animals that preferred the man of the house, suddenly leave him aside for devote full time to her pregnant owner.
  • They become more protective and they "stick" to their mistress. They wait for you behind the door when you go to the bathroom, sleep as close as possible to your bed, etc.
  • They bark and growl to anyone who wants to approach their "protected." And some come to block the passage of those who dare to approach the future mother.
  • Finally, will warn the beginning of the labor of its owner, even before it does.

Too it is absolutely normal for the dog to sniff the belly that is growing

But nevertheless, some animals may react to the change in the situation by developing some behaviors related to stress and anxiety, as is the case with constant licking.

In these cases, the visit to the veterinarian is imposed to resolve the situation and that both the animal and its pregnant owner go through this particular period of their lives in the best possible way.

The possibility>

At present there is talk (and much) of interspecies communication, referring to an amazing animal skill which allows them to communicate from the depths of their being with any other species. When reading this we are many who were amazed, perplexed and on numerous occasions, incredulous, but why not? It is said that the dog is man's best friend and I think any dog ​​lover shares this opinion.

This popular quote that has been perpetuated over time has taken root so deeply in humanity because of the behaviors that are observed on numerous occasions and which are surprising, for example, when a dog howls tirelessly because its owner has died, even if the animal is not present at that time, it is able to perceive it.

And just as they are able to predict natural catastrophes, they are also very sensitive to what happens in their environment and detect when things are not going well and the environment is not in harmony. Therefore, if these animals are so susceptible to the changes that occur in the environment, they could perfectly predict when a woman in the family has become pregnant, and they could predict it before any manifestation of pregnancy occurred.

Pregnancy screening is not such a mystical issue

When talking about the sixth sense of animals, the conversation acquires a mystical connotation very quickly, however, it is not an issue as esoteric as it might seem.

Currently some dogs are the best nurses of people with diabetes, since they are capable of detect physiological changes They occur when the body enters a state of lack of blood glucose. These dogs not only notify the diabetic, but they can also bring the necessary material to remedy this situation.

During pregnancy there are numerous physiological changes and the dogs detect them, hence they can predict when a woman is in gestation period.

How does a dog detect a pregnancy?

The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy change body odor, this is not noticeable by us, but the dogs clearly notice it and change their behavior, being able to show jealous or excessively protective.

As the pregnancy progresses the dog will also notice that the woman is more sensitive, more tired and that she is making changes in her environment.

We can conclude that both female intuition and the sixth sense of dogs are on many occasions the best tools to detect a pregnancy.

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Canine Gestation

Female dogs can get pregnant every time they are in heat, which happens once every eight months. This fertility period lasts up to three weeks. In addition to becoming pregnant during this period, you may have altercations with the males if you do not feel prepared enough to mate. Taking her for a walk with the leash during the heat will help her avoid fights and, if you don't want a male to mate with her, she will stop her love breakthroughs.

Since pregnancy can be expensive, and sentimental for both you and your pet, it is usually better to leave the reproduction to the experts. If you want to prevent your dog from getting pregnant, you should consider sterilizing her. We offer you more information in our frequently asked questions about dog sterilization

Canine gestation usually lasts between 61 and 65 days, although you may not notice any obvious physical changes in your dog until the final stretch of pregnancy. There is no such thing as a canine pregnancy test that you can do at home, so you will wonder how to answer the question "Is my dog ​​pregnant?"

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