Chihuahua weight chart. Weight of a Chihuhua

There are people who want to know the weight of yourChihuahua puppywhen I'm an adult and this is a very difficult question to answer for a breeder.

If he Chihuahua puppy It has two or three months, no breeder in the world, no matter how experienced, I could know what will happen with the weight of your Chihuahua.

We use a Chihuahua oriental board (which could be equivalent to the percentile that pediatricians use with children) but the reality may be different because the margin of error is high.

In the same way that your pediatrician cannot guarantee the weight and size of your baby, we cannot guarantee the Chihuhua weight and size. It is a logical question, since many causes can influence the development of a chihuahua impossible to predict.

The only way not to get confused is to acquire a Chihuahua puppy 5 or 6 months old, knowing that there is very little time left for growth and that way we will not be wrong.

The chihuahua weight chart It is therefore orientatíva.

As a suggestion:

If there is something you should not look at in your chihuahua, is the weight. The breed is up to three kilos in weight and within those three kilos of weight, all Chihuahuas are small. In fact it is the smallest race in the world.

Do not be guided by superficial fashions, do not look for the chihuahua more small as if he were the best, because you were wrong. He chihuahua more small It is always the worst of a litter.

It can never be better a chihuahua rickety and with Lightweight than another full of vitality and health that weighs something else. The second will always be a better dog.

As reflection:

It is normal for a person to want the best for their children, for them to grow up healthy, tall and strong, but it is not normal for that same person to want the opposite for their children. chihuahua, let it be the most small from the litter, what not I weighed and grow as little as possible. Something does not work well when we want our chihuahua Be at the limit of healthy.

In my opinion, and I've been raising this wonderful breed for 22 years, the chihuahua deserves more respect, more love and less obsession with its size, otherwise it becomes insubstantial and frivolous.

At this moment I can only think of this wonderful being that will accompany you 14, 15 or 16 years, everything that your health allows, I can not see it as an object, or as the stuffed dog that hangs from a suction cup car glass

He chihuahua it's much more than your weight, is a dog that if necessary would give his life for you, it is worth considering.

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Longevity of the Chihuahua dog.

The longevity of the chihuahueño It is larger than that of larger dogs.

The life expectancy of a chihuahua dog It is fifteen years or more.

I would say the time of life of the chihuahua dogs It is a minimum of 14 years and a maximum of 20 years.

The chihuahuas they have been favored with a strong immune system, widespread vigor and very few defects of genetic origin, so they live so many years.

He chihuahua is a breed dog amazingly strong and healthy.

Chihuahua varieties.

There are two varieties of chihuahueño recognized: short hair and long hair.

In either one chihuahua varieties All colors and shades are accepted, except the merle color.

Weight and height of the chihuahua.

The chihuahua height It is not important and should NOT be taken into account, although it generally ranges between 15 and 25 cms.

He chihuahua weight It should range between 1.5 and 3 kilos.

However, the chihuahueños Pet quality, those raised or bought as companions and not for exhibition dogs, can reach greater weight 4.5 kilos or more. This does not mean that they are not chihuahuas
purebred, it just means they don't have the requirements to enter an exhibition.

Chihuahua's head

He chihuahua skull It does not fully ossify until the dog is an adult, and in some cases even when the dog is an adult.
This makes the head of the chihu puppiesahuas and some adult chihuahuas dogs present a soft area that corresponds to the mollera or fontanelle that is not yet ossified.

The fontanel is a unique and particular characteristic of chihuahua dogs.

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How much a Chihuahua dog should weigh

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