Tips to prevent your dog from eating from the trash


You walk quietly with your dog, and suddenly you notice a small tug of the leash. When you realize, it's too late: you're eating something off the ground! Although sometimes it is worse. Yes, yes, it can still be worse. You may not only eat the soil, but also what is in the household trash bin ... or outside.

This is a problem that must be solved as soon as possible, since we know our organic waste, but in the street we do not know if someone has put poison. So, I will tell you how to prevent my dog ​​from eating trash.

When we are at home there are a number of things we have to do:

  • Prevent the dog from accessing the garbage can: To do this, you can use dog repellents and, every time you see him approach, say a firm NO (without shouting). In addition, you have to throw the trash on a daily basis to prevent the smell from becoming too intense.
  • Distribute your meal in several shots: With this we will get your digestive system to be occupied most of the day, so the dog will not have so much need to eat.
  • Give a good quality food: Sometimes it happens that a dog eats from the garbage because his usual food does not satisfy him at all, so it is recommended to give him a high quality feed, with a high meat content. Another option is to give raw food or BARF.


When we go for a walk we have to be very aware of what may be on the street to be able to act on time. And how do you prevent the dog from picking up something from the ground? Anticipating. This is the key. Soon you see something, show him a treat for dogs and redirect it. Surround what is in the street and then give it the treat.

It is important that you know that you have to repeat many times in order for the dog to learn it, so prepare a bag with prizes and take it with you on walks.

With patience and perseverance you will get your dog to stop eating from the trash 😉.

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3 weeks before

If your dog starts to eat from the trash, it is time to correct this behavior.

Because apart from being very unhygienic, is harmful to the Health of your furry friend, since it can cause intestinal obstructions, infections, intoxications, in short, it is a very negative habit that must be completely eradicated.

We are going to give you some tips to solve this root problem.

How to prevent your dog from eating trash

Dogs sometimes eat from garbage by a simple instinct of survival. If your pet has been adopted, it may have passed all kinds of penalties, such as passing hungry, and that behavior is completely understandable that it does not disappear completely.

1. Distribute your meal throughout the day

Be patient, love it, love it, take care of it, make it feel safe. A good advice about food is that the food in several shots. You must make him feel that he does not lack food.

You should not overfeed him, just try to be very well distributed throughout the day so that the dog does not feel insecure or feel anxiety. Over time, your pet will know that food is not a problem for him, and he doesn't have to eat from the trash.

Anyway, if your little one is very eater, it would be convenient and advisable that you distribute the food portions more equitably to avoid compulsive behaviors.

2. Trash bin away and closed

A fundamental advice at home, so that your dog does not eat from the garbage, is that the Cube is not within your reach, or at least make sure you are tightly closed.

Try not to accumulate organic waste, you should keep in mind that dogs have a very privileged smell and if they recognize something they've seen you eat and it's in the trash, they won't stop until they get it. Intense odors attract them a lot, so try litter daily.

3. How to correct that behavior

If despite the precautions, your dog continues to eat from the trash because it is taken as a custom, you must be very, very firm.

When you see that he does or tries, say NO in a very energetic and clear way. If you don't get anything with your refusal, then you must give it a tap on the snout, but without harming your little one.

You can too put pepper Very close or on the lid of the bucket, you will sneeze and over time, you will get tired of approaching the garbage.

During your walks, if you try to eat from the garbage, and with saying NO, it doesn't pay attention, you should give it a slight pull with the strap. It prevents you from approaching your muzzle to anything that is in the street.

When you go for a walk, take some bitter goodies, so that when you show interest in approaching waste, give it some. With patience and time, you will associate the bad taste of the candy with the garbage.

And never forget reward good behavior of your dog Every time you go to the garbage and do not, give it a good prize to remember that the prizes are synonymous with behaving well.

We hope that the advice will serve you, and you know, that to get any change in the behavior of your dog you must be patient and considerate.