So you can keep your home clean if you live with pets


Cats seem to be obsessed with personal hygiene: they groom themselves in the morning when they get up, after eating, before going to sleep ... They don't want to feel or be dirty, something that in the wildlife helps them stay protected from possible predators . Although there are no such dangers at home, instinct ... is instinct.

But when we talk about kittens, things change. Even if they have spent their first two months with the mother, they need a little more time to learn how to behave as an adult feline would. Meanwhile we wait, we will tell you how to keep my kitten clean.

Taking care of the hygiene of an orphan kitten

Kittens that are not being cared for by the mother need a lot of attention. During the first three weeks of life they will need to be given replacement milk for kittens in a bottle every 2-3 hours at a warm temperature (about 37 ° C). After each shot, we will need to stimulate the ano-genital area to meet your needs., otherwise they will not urinate or defecate.

So that, we will take a clean gauze, we will moisten it with warm water and we will spend several times in the area. It is important to use one for urine and one for feces, so we will avoid the risk of infection. When finished, we will clean them well with new gauze.

Keeping a kitten clean

Once the kittens begin to eat solids, more or less from the third-fourth week, we will notice immediately how they change. They have much more energy, and they spend the day running around and investigating everything in their path. In doing so they usually get a little dirty, something that doesn't matter to them. Even after using the sandbox they seem to be in no hurry to clean their legs. What to do?

Well, the first thing is keep calm. You have to think that in a few months they will become adult cats that will know well when to clean. Meanwhile, they we can clean the legs with a wet wipe for animals (Do not use for human babies, as the foam dries the felines' skin a lot, causing scales to appear). We can use another to clean their fur and another to keep their eyes clean.

With two months it will be time to get used to brushing. Thus, with a glove-brush or with a soft barbed brush we will brush them little by little while we give them treats for cats. So, we will get you to like it.

We hope you find these tips useful 🙂.

Those of us who live with a pet, be it a dog or cat, with long or short hair, know how complicated it can be to keep the home clean and free of odors. But with these tricks we can get it.

A hair here, a fluff there, a rainy day and your house looks like a painting by a surrealist painter. If you have a dog or cat (especially if he walks through the garden) you will know perfectly well what we are talking about and you will think that it is almost an impossible mission to keep your house clean. Even the most peaceful companion animal or the one that barely moves from its corner can constantly make it dirty and, of course, impregnate your home with an unmistakable smell of ‘dog or cat’. But we must not give up>

Your animals always neat

To have your house always clean, your pets also have to be. If it's a dog, brush it daily, preferably outdoors, to remove dead hair as well as any other type of dirt that you have collected from the street. As for the bathroom, it should not be done more than once a month.

Clean your legs

When it comes to a dog, in addition to brushing, it is convenient clean your legs before entering home. You can do it with a towel dampened in warm water or use wet wipes. Decide, preferably, for those biodegradable and suitable for animals. Clean it gently and calmly so that your pet relaxes. Keep everything at hand, as close as possible to the entrance and, after cleaning, reward him with a treat.

The sofa, a nest of dirt

If your pet has become the king of the house and has made the sofa his throne, you will have verified that this looks like a magnet that attracts all kinds of dirt, hairs, etc. Ideally, you have your own rest area (there are mini sofas specially designed for them). But if you can't resist, or they don't pay attention to reasons, use one color protectors closest to your hair and wash it at least once a week.

Have you thought about extra help?

A Vacuum cleaner robot It is the best invention to keep your house clean if you have dogs. Most of them are manufactured with the programming option to be launched at a specific time. The most advanced also have the possibility of handling it from your mobile device through a app. In addition, they also have a built-in camera that scans your home so as not to leave any corner without vacuuming (but does not register images or send them abroad). The most advisable thing is that you get a reliable one, and that your suction power is specially designed to combat pet hair. It is very useful that you also have the possibility of respecting the area of ​​your pet, such as its bed or its feeder, so as not to disturb you. It is an advanced system called virtual wall (virtual wall) that indicates to your robot that it cannot cross that zone.

Regularly sanitize your mats and toys

Mats, toys, even their leashes, ooze a smell "dog or cat" that will be difficult to get rid of if you don't clean them frequently. Make sure they are machine washable and if you don't do it by hand rubbing well. Schedule for a sunny day so they can dry quickly>

Against bad smells

A good hygiene and proper ventilation It will help you keep away bad smells. If you still notice that it does not smell clean, you can use natural remedies such as sodium bicarbonate - perfect for cleaning your cat's sandbox and the area where it is located, as well as furniture -, vinegar or even vodka to clean bottom cabinets, surfaces, or their mats, toys, etc. Wash the curtains at least once a month, try not to use carpets or use small size and suitable for machine washing. To perfume, turn to plants and aromatic flowers such as rosemary, lavender or eastern lilium.

Kit against the ‘surprises’

If you have a pet it is not strange that, from time to time, you will find a "surprise" if you have not eaten your feces before. For these small lapses it is convenient to be prepared. In any case, have an emergency cleaning kit on hand, for example, disposable bags, rolls of paper towels and a clean mop to remove debris. It is convenient that you use some disinfectant and ventilators to prevent the smell from flooding you.

And remember ... Better if you don't accumulate.

As noted by Marie Kondo, the author of the bestseller The magic of order, getting rid of what you no longer use or think you will not use will help you maintain order in your home and, by extension, that of your v>

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