How to care for the shell of a water turtle


If you have a water turtle you must know how to properly care for the shell and for this you just have to follow a few simple steps.

Turtles are very common pets in homes because they are quiet animals that do not require constant supervision by the owners and owners. In addition, you can choose between having a land turtle or a water turtle, since although they are equal animals, each reptile has a number of specific characteristics. While with the ground one you will have to take great care of the terrarium, with the water turtle you must constantly pay attention to the water in which it is located and watch that she is healthy.

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Cleaning your aquarium

Something fundamental for the care of the shell of a water turtle is the aquarium in which they are found. The water in which they are swimming most of the day must be perfectly clean and must be changed regularly, since you will also notice how it smells very quickly. The aquarium or fish tank must be thoroughly cleaned and must be carried out once a week, so you will avoid creating microorganisms that can cause infections to your water turtle.

As essential elements in a fish tank or aquarium for turtles are calcium tablets and the purifier. The treatment plant is very important since with it you will achieve that the water is perfectly clean without the need to be changing said water on a daily basis. It is a way that your turtle does not take diseases and that its shell remains well taken care of throughout the weeks. As for the calcium tablet, it is also very relevant because it is the lack of this that can cause the shell to become ugly and crack. Another aspect to consider when it comes to water is its temperature. This should be between 24 and 30 degrees, so If you consider that with the natural light it receives or the temperature of the house is not enough, you should buy a specific heater for fish tanks so that it remains in optimal conditions for the turtle.

The natural light mentioned above is very important for turtles as well as for their shell. These pets require direct natural light for the shell to be properly preserved, so one of the fundamental care would be this. If in your home you do not have an optimal place to place the fish tank and receive enough and necessary natural light, you should acquire a light lamp that mimics natural light and is also used in fish tanks. Light is very important so that the shell is properly cared for.

Turtle care

We have already talked about cleaning the aquarium but the truth is that the turtle as such also requires cleaning. The fact that water turtles are permanently in water can lead to the idea that they do not require a 'bath' as ​​such, since the shell will be kept clean by simply being in the water. Nothing is further from reality. Turtles need their caregivers to clean their shell from time to time to remove dirt that may have accumulated in it.

To remove the dirt you can take the turtle out of your aquarium and put it in a slightly smaller container with water in which she can feel comfortable to move and wet with that clean water. To help remove the dirt that has the shell you can use a used toothbrush that we no longer want and thus use it to remove the dirt accumulated in the recesses of the shell.


Far from what you might think, the shell is still a part of the body of the turtles, so food is also very important in terms of caring for the shell. The owners of these reptiles have to ensure that they are properly fed and that they have everything necessary to avoid catching any disease.

Turtles are omnivorous animals, so they have to eat everything to have good health and a healthy shell without any problem. It is convenient that, together with the preparations they sell in specialized stores, they are provided with either worms or some type of vegetable that provides more nutrients than the preparation has. With this diet we will ensure that our turtle has a very good health and that its shell is strong.

How to care for the shell of the water turtle so that it stays healthy?

Water turtles usually remain underwater for a long time, although this is the environment in which they are most comfortable, you should keep in mind that in your home you also need to have a place to rest and sunbathe , in case your water turtle cannot have much sun time, it is necessary to take other types of measures, since otherwise its shell could be damaged and this will affect its health.

On this occasion we will show you how can you keep your aquatic turtle's shell healthy , take note.

What are the care of water turtles?

The right food

In order for your turtle to stay healthy and happy, it is necessary to give it the necessary food and that it contains the correct amounts, in this way it can have all the vitamins it needs to have a healthy shell.

How to feed your water turtle?

Go with your veterinarian

To ensure that your water turtle is in an excellent condition, as well as its shell, it is recommended that take it from time to time to review with the veterinarian , he will be able to verify how healthy he is and if any additional care is necessary with your little turtle.

What do you think about these tips? If you have any questions or want to share your experience with your water turtle, we would love to read you.

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