Boxer »Characteristics, Character, Behavior


The Boxer is a lovely dog, with a very sweet look capable of falling in love with the whole family in a matter of a few days. Friend of children and inseparable companion of adults, living with this furry is always a magnificent experience.

Would you like to know what a Boxer is like? If so, then you will know both their physical characteristics and their behavior and personality.

Physical characteristics of the Boxer

Our protagonist is a large dog, with a weight from 25 to 30kg, and with a height at the cross of between 57 and 63cm in the case of the male, and between 53 and 59cm in the case of the female. It has a muscular and robust body, protected by a layer of short hair that can be lioness or brindle, with or without white spots. His face is flattened, with brown or black eyes, and hanging ears.

Its legs are long and robust, and its tail is equally long. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world this is usually amputated, a practice that is prohibited in the European Union.

It has a life expectancy of 10 years.

Behavior and personality

The Boxer is a dog calm, docile, affectionate and faithful. It is an animal that likes to learn things and, above all, have fun with his family. In addition, as we mentioned at the beginning, enjoy the children very much, to the point that once they become friends, it will be very difficult to see them separated.

If we had to say something not so good, it would be that he does not like to be alone. If you have to spend many hours away from home, it is highly recommended to acquire a second dog with which you can entertain. But, for the rest, surely you will not regret having this affectionate furry in your family 🙂.

Food and diet

Because these dogs have a well-defined musculature, it is very important strictly follow the recommendations of the veterinarian for food.

The doctor will indicate certain amounts and frequencies to feed them.

The good thing is that this breed does not tend to get fat.

The food rations that the boxers receive should be balanced and healthy.

Like any pet, the boxer dog also requires special care to stay healthy and active.

Remember that it is a very dynamic and playful dog, so since it is a puppy it is very important that it be educated and trained, something that will not be so complicated, since it is very obedient.

To maintain your muscles, a Exercise routine.

You must schedule walks to the park, during which boxer can run and jump.

It is important that you have a lot physical space so you can move.

Because of the great energy of the breed it is not advisable to have these dogs locked inside the house.

As for hygienic care, it can bathe every month and a half, Brush your fur once a week, brush your teeth, and cut your nails.

You should also take control of your veterinarian and give them their indicated vaccines.