Can I bathe my dog ​​with human shampoo?


As you know, Dogs should not be bathed often because soap alters their skin pH and can irritate. On the other hand, some dogs have sensitive skin or allergies and do not tolerate soap chemicals. Do not panic! Today we show you an alternative to soap-based shampoos, we bring you a shampoo recipe for dogs without soap ... really easy!

How to make shampoo for dogs without soap

To make this recipe you just need:

  • 2 cups whole grain oatmeal
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 jar for storage, better if it is airtight

These proportions give a big dog a bath, if it is small you can reduce the quantities in half.

Yes! Only with two ingredients and a little water can you make a shampoo. You do not believe it? This is how you do it!

1. We need oatmeal. You can buy it already made, but if you opt for the flakes (cheaper and perhaps easy to find), you only need to put them in a blender or blender for a couple of minutes until they are well crushed, turned into powder.

2. When you have oatmeal powder, add the cup of baking soda and water. Beat to integrate everything well.

Ready! That's it, really. Is easy, fast and very, very cheap. Now is the time to bathe your hairy ...

Bathe your dog with oatmeal shampoo

Once you have ready the shampoo for dogs without soap, you can bathe your friend. To do this, simply apply it as if it were normal shampoo, but let it act a few minutes (approximately 5) before rinsing it well with water.

Your dog will be clean and soft. Just keep one thing in mind: Dogs like the smell of oatmeal, so you might try to suck it. When you see that it tastes bad for bicarbonate, you will most likely give up, but it is best that you be alert just in case, to avoid it as much as possible. A large bicarbonate intake could be dangerous!

It’s unlikely that this dog shampoo negatively affects your pet’s skin, But in case it happens, you can try to increase the amount of oatmeal and reduce baking soda. If it still happens, it is best to stop using this shampoo. It is not very common, but it is true that baking soda can be a bit abrasive / irritating on sensitive skin.

If it happened, you should not worry, it is mild irritation and should subside on its own just by stopping using this shampoo.

And you, did you know that you can make homemade shampoo for dogs without soap? What do you use to bathe your pet?

The pH in dog shampoos

This is the difference we usually believe is the most important among shampoos, but this is not true, in fact we need a lot of luck to find a shampoo with the exact pH of our dog.

Dogs are among the mammals with the highest pH, with an average of 7.4, while humans have an average of 5.5 and cats 6.4.

However, these numbers are averages, not an exact figure. In a study conducted in 158 dogs and published in the book "Small Animal Dermatology", it was concluded that the same dog has different pH levels depending on the body part, the thorax and the inside of the thighs being the zone with the highest pH.

In addition there are other factors that vary the pH. Anxious dogs have a pH in the skin that ranges from 6.60 to 9.95, while non-anxious dogs have a pH of 4.84 to 7.70. The pH also changes between breeds, hair color, sex and even between sterilized and unsterilized animals.

The Royal Canin Research Center has reached the same conclusion in one of its studies. The pH changes according to race, sex, time of day, etc. and the German Shepherd is the breed with the most alkaline pH, with an average of 8.62, followed by the Golden Retriever with 7.57 and the Labrador with 6.84. The pH of the dogs studied ranged from 5.5 to 9.1.

In the United States, research was conducted among 105 human and dog shampoos. 51% of human shampoos had a pH between 5.5 and 6.0, while 52% of dog shampoos had between 6.0 and 6.5 and only 25% were between 7.0 and 7.5, curious when the average is 7.4 that only a quarter of the shampoos are in this range.

So, to choose a shampoo appropriate to the pH of our dog, we should first know what the pH of our dog is and yet, we should use different shampoos for each part of the body, something really complicated if not impossible.

So the pH is irrelevant? Of course not, pH is essential for skin health, the more alkaline the skin, the more likely it is to suffer from dermatitis and pyoderma, since alkaline skins are more prone to the proliferation of bacteria than acids.

Using shampoos below the pH of our dog will not cause any damage, on the contrary, some recent studies indicate that using acid shampoos on alkaline skin with bacterial infestations helps stabilize and heal the skin. But be careful with doing experiments at home, even if they are only shampoos, if our dog has skin problems it is best to turn to the veterinarian first.

Therefore, pH is not a problem when using human shampoos in our dogs, but this does not mean that they are the best option or the most successful, in fact and based on the average pH of both shampoos and Of dogs, we are more likely to succeed with a specific one than with a human one.

Another detail to take into account is that the shampoo mixes with the water, so the predominant pH level is that of the water and not that of the shampoo.

Main differences between human and dog shampoo

Human shampoos are designed to clean human hair daily, which normally is not as dirty as our dog is every time we put it in the bathtub, so its cleaning agents are not enough to properly clean a dog.

Although both shampoos share most of the ingredients, there are others that may not be the most appropriate for the other species. For example, a human shampoo may contain assets that soften the hair excessively, making it difficult to cut hair or finish with volume in some breeds and even that by staying in our dog's hair for longer than ours, attract the dirt instead of keeping it clean.

Nor can we forget that our dog's hair may have different needs than ours. Both can share the need for hydration, but in the medium-haired dogs, which are the majority, ingredients are needed that strengthen the primary hair and help the shedding of the secondary, which is unnecessary in a human hair that does not have a sub-hair.

In addition, as a rule, human shampoos contain more additives than dog shampoos, so by using these products we are bombarding the skin and hair with ingredients that do not need and that in the long term can be counterproductive (You can compare the labels of each other and check it out).

And of course another reason to use dog shampoo, is the wide variety of finishes that we hope to obtain: volume, poise, enhance color, etc. and that they don't exist in human shampoos.


Of course we can bathe our dog with human shampoo, the dog will neither die nor suffer a terrible allergic reaction, but a specific product will always be better than a generic one.

A few decades ago, dog shampoos were very basic and only thought of cleaning, they were not intended to meet the needs of the dogs' skin and coat and their effects were not exactly positive.

In those times it was definitely better to use a human shampoo, but today that research and advances in the development of animal cosmetics are constantly improving, there are shampoos that are designed in the lifestyle of the modern pet and its needs of hygiene and health, in addition to taking into account the type of hair of each animal.

The important thing is to choose a good quality shampoo and a brand specialized in animal cosmetics, in addition to choosing the one that is appropriate to the type of hair of our dog.

Although many say that using a human shampoo has given them better results than one for dogs, the reality is that the vast majority prefer a specific dog shampoo, especially when they look for certain finishes that a human shampoo cannot achieve. Those who usually prefer human shampoo are owners of dogs with fine, low-density hair that bathe very frequently.

Of course, no dog has the same human hair. Some may give that feeling, especially some specimens of the Yorkshire Terrier breed, but seen in a microscope, a hair of these dogs and a human one are completely different. And then of course the skin of each other is also different and the hair follicles of dogs are compound, while humans are simple.

In short, a human shampoo will not harm our dog, but neither will it bring us the benefits of one for dogs. What is clear is that it is better to use a good human shampoo than a bad one for dogs.

Why you should not use people shampoo on dogs

Dogs and people are very similar in some things, but Our body and our needs are very different. For example, we don't eat the same thing, we don't sleep the same number of hours ... and our skin is also different!

People's shampoos are formulated thinking especially about the needs of our skin. They have substances that our body can assume, such as artificial perfumes, preservatives and other chemicals, but that for dogs are very aggressive. If you use people shampoo on dogs, it could harm you!

Apart from having a hair of different structure, your skin is very sensitive. The shampoo of people in dogs can produce itching, rashes, irritations, allergies ... Being stronger products than the dog can withstand, its protective skin oils are lost, also leaving your body more exposed to all types of infections, sunrays, etc. For dogs, using people shampoo is more or less as if we washed with bleach. Therefore, It is very important to choose a good quality shampoo specific to dogs.

Tips for choosing the best shampoo for my pet

The dog shampoo is more important than you can imagine, so we will give you our tips so you can find the best one for your hairy:

  • We repeat it once more, just in case: Using people shampoo on dogs is dangerous! Do not do it.
  • The more natural the shampoo, the better. Choose for your dog a shampoo formulated with ingredients such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, honey, vitamin E ... The more neutral the shampoo, the better it will be for your skin.
  • If you want your pet's fur to shine more, discover the tips for your dog's hair to shine.
  • Try to make the fragrance natural too: Lemon, eucalyptus, lavender ... Some of them are even effective insect repellents.
  • Beware of the "organic"! If you find an organic dog shampoo, great! But make sure you read the label well before buying it. Some "organic" products are not really as much as they promise and are full of artificial substances.
  • Whether in physical store or online, make sure you always read all the components of the label. That way you will really make sure that you choose the best for your pet. Do you know how to interpret labels? A little help: The higher up the list an ingredient is, it means that the percentage of that ingredient in the product is higher.
  • Consider buying big boats. They have a very long expiration date and tend to be cheaper than smaller boats. Make accounts!
  • If you want, in addition to shampoo you can also buy a conditioner. To choose it, follow the same tips!

We are sure that if you follow our recommendations, you will find the ideal shampoo for your dog. Discover the home remedies to prevent your dog from having fleas.

If you have any questions about how to bathe your dog, here we are waiting for you! We have everything you need to know. See you soon!

Neutral soap

With neutral soap we mean the one who more resembles its pH to that of our skin. The pH indicates acidity or alkalinity and will be different in dogs and people, in fact, the skin of the body has pH differences depending on the area. Therefore, a soap that we consider neutral for humans it won't be for dogs.

So, first of all we have to know if the product we have is neutral soap for dogs, taking into account its pH, or not. We can bathe a dog with neutral soap for human skin but it is not advisable, not so much for the pH, which will also be interfered with that of water, but because its composition is not the most suitable for the dog's skin and, although For once it is rare that it has consequences, using it on a regular basis could give us problems.

Can you bathe a dog with a person's gel?

Products for people's skin hygiene are specifically formulated for our skin type and dermatologically tested to clean ourselves trying not to be too aggressive, since it is known that the use of soaps or gels also removes the natural protection of the skin itself.

As we have said for neutral soap, washing our dog with people gel one day will not be problematic, but it is not advisable to bathe a dog with gel or neutral soap for people always because, obviously, they are designed to Human skin and, at present, in the market we will find multiple options for dogs that will guarantee the best care for your skin and hair. This is also valid for gels or shampoos for children, also not suitable for dogs.

What bath my dog ​​if I do not have shampoo?

If, under any circumstance, we are faced with a dirty dog ​​that we must bathe and we do not have dog soap at home, we can, exceptionally, as we have explained, use ours. We could also use a chlorhexidine shampoo (It should be noted that it is chlorhexidine in shampoo, not in disinfectant), if we have it in our medicine cabinet or we buy it in any pharmacy.

These shampoos are used to disinfect the skin and are recommended for some dermatological problems. We can use them in an emergency but not as usual, as they could dry out healthy skin.

Another option would be to make our own shampoo, for example, from oats, mixing this, in flour or crushed, with baking soda and water. We can also use directly Apple vinager. We are talking about dogs with healthy skin. If we observe any dermatological condition, it will be our veterinarian who prescribes an appropriate treatment that may include a specific shampoo.

With what not to bathe a dog

We have seen that we could bathe a dog with neutral soap for people occasionally and, also, we have mentioned other alternatives for cases in which we do not have a specific shampoo for dogs at home. What we should never use are detergents or products for washing dishes.

These liquids are prepared to remove grease and dirt from garments or objects, but do not respect the balance of the skin, although we can contact them during the time we use them (it is normal for us to notice that our hands dry out).

Applying one of these soaps on our dog is going to remove its protective fat layerThat is why it is true that it will leave it clean, but the body will react producing even more fat, so that it will soon seem to us that the dog is dirtier and with a stronger smell.

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