How to train a golden retriever


The Golden Retriever breed is very easy to train because they have a great capacity for learning. They have the ability to learn many things in a short time, therefore, an early training when they are puppies will make them have a great predisposition to face greater challenges when they are adults.

For this reason, these dogs can be dedicated to almost anything: hunting, tracking, charging, running, jumping, swimming ... In addition, because of its special sensitivity, it is an excellent companion for people with disabilities, being a perfect guide dog.

What will work best will be the daily sessions and preferably of short duration. It is not convenient for them to lengthen much, since we seek their greatest concentration. You will use simple words, not phrases, the orders must be simple and consistent, the more words you use, the more you will confuse your pet. It is also very important to keep in mind not to train your dog when you are in a negative mood or in stressful situations, because animals capture our energy. We must be constant, and give them the attention and care they need, if not, we will not get the results we expect. Also, you should know that not all dogs learn just as quickly. Therefore, we must keep in mind that it can happen that assimilates where to do your needs without hardly any effort and that, on the contrary, it takes several days to understand that you must lie down to order. As we said, it's all about patience.

In summary, we could say that the most effective training is reduced to 3 simple rules.

  • Reward positive composition : This is always the best part. Whenever your pet does something correctly, let him know by giving him his favorite treats or with signs of affection.
  • Do not reward negative behavior : It is important that you do not reward behaviors that you do not like or seem inappropriate in any way. If for example your dog barks to try to get your attention when he wants to play, and you access and play with him, you will be indicating that if he barks he will be able to get your attention. Instead, ignore him and only play with him when he has calmed down and is not barking.
  • Constancy : All members of the house must agree on the puppy's education. For example, if you do not want your dog to eat between meals or ask for food when you are at the table, but at the same time, another family member always bites you from his plate, you will have a problem.

Finally, we should not call them to come to us for the purpose of scolding or correcting them, so we will only get them to associate the punishment with the act of coming towards us.

Always have your favorite rewards on hand for when your dog does things right. This way you will know that you have acted correctly and will know that whenever you do that, you will get a prize. If at the same time you reward him, you congratulate him effusively or caress him, it will be doubly effective. There is also the possibility of using a clicker, this device produces a very characteristic sound that tells the dog that it has done something right. However, if you don't want to use a clicker, saying "very good" as a sign of approval will be enough.

Basic Golden Retriever Puppy Training

The main commands such as "sitting", "come" and "still" will be the ones you use most throughout your dog's life. Later you can teach other more colorful tricks but these are the ones you will need most for day to day. Do the training in short sessions and repeat it for several days until the puppy memorizes it completely.

  • Come : The first order you should teach your puppy is to go wherever you are. To teach this, the ideal is that you move away a few meters from the dog and make gestures for him to approach. At that moment say "Come!" If you go, give him a prize as a reward.
  • Seated : Put a treat in your hand and give it to your puppy to smell so he sees that he knows you have it there. Then, start raising your hand slowly until it is placed on top of its head. His eyes will follow your hand and that will make his head rise and therefore feel automatically. As soon as he does, say "sitting" and give him the prize. Then repeat the same operation but without candy, and finally, try saying "sitting" without moving your hand. Remember to always reward you.
  • Lay down : After getting him to feel, you can get him to lie down. While your dog is sitting, take the prize with your hand and lower it to the ground. The dog will tend to bend down to pick up the prize, if he lies down, say "Lie down" and let him eat his treat.
  • Still : This is another of the basic orders. With your puppy sitting or lying down, say "Quieto" and stay a few meters while keeping his eyes, wait a few seconds and if he does not move congratulate him and give him the treat.

Teaching hygienic habits to the Golden Retriever puppy

The best and most effective for your puppy is that he always makes his needs in the same place, changing it can be messy for him. At home, we will choose in advance the place where you will make your needs (it is best to use a newspaper), and outside, it is best to choose areas such as grass or earth and train it for that purpose. When you get home for the first time, take your puppy to the place that will be his bath and let him sniff around. If you urinate or defecate, give it a treat. As we have said, it is very important to reward your puppy if he makes his needs in the right place, so he will know that he is doing it in the right place.

Puppies will need to make their needs quite frequently, as the dog grows, they will be less frequently. If you start to smell the floor or go around, you need to go to the sink. Also, if you feed your puppy at regular times, you will get him to get used to having a schedule to do his needs.

Train the Golden Retriever so that it does not pull on the belt

We will have to be aware that we will need extra dose of patience and affection to teach our dog not to pull the leash. The key is constancy and time. Never use a hanging or barbed collar to train it, you can seriously hurt it. Also, make sure you always have goodies on hand, you will need them to train your dog.

Next, we will explain 2 different methods for your puppy to learn not to pull the leash while you walk.

  • If the dog is pulling on the leash, stand dry. Wait until the belt loosen. and then call him to get close to you and order him to feel. While doing so, say "very well" and reward him with a treat. Do this operation every time your dog pulls on your walks. In addition, you can give treats to your dog if it is walking near you, so that you will associate the fact of walking by your side to the reward.
  • If the first method has not worked for you, and the dog keeps pulling on the leash, try to turn sharply and go to the opposite side, letting the leash control the dog. Reward your dog if he rushes to reach you and catch up. Then, turn around and walk again in the original direction. Do it every time your dog pulls on the leash.

Train the Golden Retriever with the carrier

The carrier is one of the most comfortable ways to travel with your dog, especially if it is a dog that is afraid of cars is a good way to have it more controlled and especially safe. Never use it to punish it.

The most important thing is that you get a carrier suitable for the size of your dog. To make sure you are comfortable, you should be able to stand inside, turn loosely and lie down with your legs stretched out. Prepare the carrier so that your dog feels comfortable during the long trips: place his blankets inside to smell familiar and put his favorite toys to entertain.

Before training you should try to make the dog associate the carrier with positive things, this will be very important for the training to work. Open the door and put prizes throughout the entire carrier. Let your dog enter the carrier and smell it quietly. Frequently place treats in the carrier, so you will get your dog to enter on their own to look for them.

Train your dog to enter the carrier obeying a command. Start by showing him a treat and insert it into the carrier. While the dog enters, use the "enter" command. When inside, reward him. Repeat this procedure several times. Then, we will use only the command. Repeat this training several times a day until your dog enters and leaves the carrier without problem.

To close the door, order him to enter the carrier and sit down. Once you close the door proceed to reward him.

Educate the Golden Retriever to play with the ball

In general, Golden Retrievers love to play with the ball, so take advantage, since it's a good way for them to exercise.

Use two different balls to teach him. Throw one and, when you have picked it up, say ‘come’. Once you have reached where you are, throw the second one and pick up the first one. Practice this exercise until you get used to bringing the ball back to you without having to order it. Say "loose" and show him a prize to release the toy.

Tell him to sit down and stay still to avoid picking up the ball before you. If your dog tries to pick it up while you bend over, say ‘no’ and stop playing for a couple of minutes. This way we will make him realize that he must not pick up the ball before you if he wants you to continue playing with him. If you do everything correctly, remember to say "very well" and reward it.

Do not forget that each dog is a world, these are just some tips that we offer so they can serve as a guide if you find yourself lost at the beginning of your puppy's education. Over time, you will get to know your Golden Retriever and know what are the best ways to educate him.

Before training a dog

To train a dog, regardless of the breed (or cross), it is important to consider the following:

  • The same word must always be used for each order. For example: if we want it to feel, we will say "sit" or "feel" every time, but always the same.
  • Avoid telling the name first and then the order. His name is a word that we will repeat a lot throughout his life, so it has to have a neutral meaning for him. Therefore, instead of saying "Kira, come", it would be better to say "Come, Kira".
  • You have to take it as a game. Learning has to be fun for him. Therefore, it is necessary to have a lot of patience with the dog, and give him many awards every time he does something we want.
  • Do not mistreat him or shout at him or do anything that could harm him. If we had a bad day, we will not train it, but simply play with it.

Get ready to train a Golden Retriever

We will talk about one of the most appreciated breeds as pets, especially when there are children in the family. They also stand out as blind or support guide dogs and help for people with different degrees and types of disabilities, as a participant in therapies and even as detection dogs (drugs, rescue, searches, etc.).

The Golden Retriever is a very docile dog, with a great capacity for learning. Of course, when you first meet a puppy, you will find it so unruly and impossible to tame, that you may feel that tame and train it will be a task, as arduous as it is unimproved. Do not despair, because it is much simpler than you think.

Train a golden retriever puppy

Training experts say that the highest success rate in dog training occurs when they begin to educate from puppies, something that is quite logical because the same thing usually happens with us, humans. But it also gives very good results to start training a dog with an age between 6 months and 6 years, but yes, the ability of learning of the animal will be lower as it gets older.

It is in patience where most of the trainers fail amateurs, which often do not insist on not seeing, in short periods of time, good results when changing the behavior of your pet. Therefore, it is best to start at an early age. If for example we train a Golden Retriever puppy at an age included between 8 and 20 weeks of life, he will have his maximum learning capacity and he himself, once he learns something new, will look for more things to learn. At these early ages the dog's body has not yet begun to produce hormones and that implies a higher success rate in dog training. The lack of hormones will make your puppy focus more on what you say and, if properly socialized, not on other dogs, people and other related distractions.

Normally, golden retriever puppies follow us from one side to another and take us as a total reference. The puppy will react in the same way that we do with other people and other animals, so if we greet someone vigorously, the pet will do the same and if, for example, we were nervous to meet a friend, the Dog will respond the same way.

When the dog begins to produce hormones, it is when his greatest instincts begin to be born to browse, and that is when we will realize if there was a previous training or not.

Training technique to get your attention

To start golden retriever training and teach him something, what we have to do first is get the dog to pay attention to us. Look for a specific word when you want to teach him something and when the animal pays attention, walk towards him and give him a prize at the same time you say "very good" or "good dog."

Wait one or two minutes and repeat the same thing but this time having a reward in your hand and staying 30 cm from the dog. Just show him the prize while you say the same word to get his attention, such as "learn." The dog will approach you, you will do the same and give him his prize.

The third time do the same, but stay a greater distance from the dog so that it is he who has to approach you. When giving the prize do not forget to congratulate your pet.

In this way we manage to take the first training steps, since we get the dog to understand that if he pays attention to his owner, he will get a reward. Likewise, it is important that in teaching to capture the attention of the golden retriever always choose the same word. "Attention", "attentive", can be good words, although you can choose any other with which you feel comfortable. The important thing is that the animal is always repeated and cannot be confused with one of the orders that you will teach later.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training

If you don't have your dog with you yet, when you go after him make sure your hairy is with his mother, at least until he turns two months (8/9 weeks). Experts argue that separating puppies from their mother, before that age can have dire consequences. It is best to adopt a Golden Retriever for 2.5 to 3 months.

The consequences of premature separation can be of several types. At the health level, the puppy could suffer diseases because it lacks the defenses that are only acquired through breastfeeding. There may also be behavioral problems that complicate the training task you have at hand.

Basic Golden Retriever Training Recommendations

It is best to train the golden retriever daily in short sessions, between 3 and 5 sessions a day, last a few minutes. It is not convenient for the sessions to be flattered a lot, since we want the greatest concentration of our pet and if so, it can get bored and not be so effective.

When you are in a negative mood, tired or in stressful situations, do not practice training with your dog, remember that animals capture our energy. Training should be enjoyed and the pet should be praised effusively and sincerely whenever he does something right. Finishing with an exercise that we know will be positive is also recommended.

It is also important to know that we should not call the golden retriever to come to us in order to scold or correct him, since dogs only understand the present and, in this way, we will only get him to associate the punishment with the act of coming towards U.S. Undoubtedly, the consequences of this will be negative, since the dog will begin to fear us.

Make a dog training course It may be a good idea if you like this world. Both parties, owner and animal will benefit greatly without a doubt.

A golden retriever is a dog with high learning abilities and outstanding intelligence and character, but that does not require a good training, since there may be cases in which they acquire bad habits.

Golden Retriever Tricks

To train a Golden Retriever you must arm yourself with patience and resort to goodies. Never hit them or threaten them, because you can make it retract and, because of fear, is a shy and unsociable dog. As in any training you must go step by step and burn all the stages: from basic training to obedience.

The most encouraging thing is that, as soon as your Golden Retriever puppy arrives home, you can start giving him the most basic and important guidelines, regarding training. To do this you must keep in mind that this first learning will have three fundamental objectives: sphincter control, sociabilization and knowledge.

The importance of constancy in training the golden retriever

When the golden retriever has learned to do his needs where we have stipulated, is correctly socialized and we have managed to internalize the word chosen to get his attention, we can continue with his education and move on to the basic orders. Among them, stand out the order "still", "feel", "come here" and "by my side" to make both the coexistence and the walks with the golden retriever become something pleasant and positive for everyone. To know how to teach your dog each of the basic orders, do not miss our article in which we offer you all our tricks and tips.

Without a doubt, and as we pointed out in the previous section, the key to achieve train the golden retriever, and any other dog, resides in perseverance and patience. If we are not constant and do not work daily with the dog, we pay the attention you need and do not play with it, we will not get the expected results. Likewise, not all dogs learn equally quickly or internalize all orders in the same way. Therefore, we must keep in mind that it can happen that assimilates where to do your needs without hardly any effort and that, on the contrary, it takes several days to understand that you must lie down to order.

Spend time with your golden retriever, offer all the care you need and you will have a partner willing to give you all his love and loyalty forever.

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How to educate a Golden Retriever to go to the bathroom?

One of the first things you should achieve is that your Golden Retriever puppy learns to control his sphincters, that is, to make his needs in the place that you assign him for it. Use a newspaper or an absorbent simile, which you can change when it gets dirty, but stay in place until you get used to it.

Educate the Golden Retriever to go to the bathroom


Nothing is so important especially when the Golden Retriever puppy has not yet turned 3 months, such as socialization. This implies that you have to try to get your dog in contact with as many people and animals as possible, always in a positive environment and without aggressiveness.


In the same way that it is important for your Golden Retriever puppy to socialize, he must also know, everything that he will have to deal with when he is an adult (water, cars, sounds, nail or hair cutting, bathrooms and a long etc.) . And it is essential to take advantage of doing so before the age of 3 months, which is what culminates what experts call "socialization period."

Extra: the bites

You should know that your Golden Retriever puppy needs to bite, it is a natural thing in him and you cannot deny it, repress it or punish it for it. Proceed in a positive and persuasive way and divert the attention of the bites, to things that you cannot destroy, such as your toys or a rope, instead of your slippers or the bottom of the sofa.

Trained a Golden Retriever Teen

A Golden Retriever dog that has been trained since childhood could seem to be on its way to face greater challenges, but it turns out that one day (it can be anyone between 6 and 11 months) stops obeying. And this is as simple as it is growing and developing its hormonal system, so it has reached adolescence.

Adolescence brings physiological changes and you may notice that it interacts with other dogs differently. To compensate for these attitudes, which are normal and predictable, continue with the positive socialization process. Go everywhere with goodies in your pockets and reward when you behave in a friendly way.

It might seem to you that you are giving goodies because yes, but at this stage in which their smells change and their sexual instincts are awakened, it is when you should place more emphasis, that your relationship with other dogs is pleasant and is of the greatest importance, that you actively participate in this process of change, helping and supporting you.

In that period, which luckily is much shorter than in the case of humans, the Golden Retriever will test the limits, so you may have to pay more attention and arm yourself with an extra dose of patience, but the fundamental thing is that you continue with a positive training and never lose your nerves.

The importance of terms in training your Golden Retriever

The opinions as to what terms should be used when training your Golden Retriever are very diverse. There are experts who argue that terms should be used in languages ​​such as English or German, since the word to designate the same action is much shorter in those languages, than in Spanish (sit versus sit).

Golden Retriever adult dog

Choose the language you choose, once you have started teaching the commands that are associated with each type of action, you should not change them. A Golden Retriever as we said is a dog that learns very fast, so you will notice that in a very short time it knows very well, what to do when you address it with certain words.

This type of learning can be taught by yourself or go to a professional trainer, as long as you make sure before choosing one that uses positive methods and will never use violence or screaming, to deter or educate an animal. Be very thorough when you consider: how to choose the best trainer for my dog?

Training of an adult Golden Retriever

Between 2 and a half and 3, a Golden Retriever dog reaches adulthood. If during the previous period you have worried about training and preparing it properly, at this point in your life you will have a playful, obedient, extremely affectionate, sociable and companion canine friend for everything.

The important thing is that, although it may take longer or require an additional dose of patience, a Golden Retriever is able to learn throughout its life. Even if you adopt it as an adult and have "vices" or bad behaviors, both you and a good coach will be able to correct these problems and re-educate you.

Golden Retriever female: sexual maturity and reproduction

Female dogs of this breed have their first menstrual period between 4 and 8 months. The rule may be accompanied by pain, you should also ensure that the bleeding is not excessive and that it does not last more than 3 weeks (21 days). Immediately after the cessation of bleeding will enter the fertility stage, also called "heat", which lasts 2 to 8 days.

If you want your Golden Retriever dog to be a mother, the ideal is to wait to cross her until after the second or third rule, since pregnancy could influence her development. Its gestation will last about 2 months, when the time of delivery arrives, you will surely seek company and a comfortable place, where to bring your dogs to the world.

If there are no complications, try not to intervene during childbirth, except to caress her and speak to her in a low voice. If you are very nervous, stay away from her, since they are very sensitive animals and your stress could affect her negatively. Trust nature, although if you see that an expert does not come out, you can try to help him expel him and if there are real problems, you should call the veterinarian.

Golden Retriever female

After the birth of each of the puppies (they can be really large litters of up to 12 puppies), the Golden Retriever female will proceed to cut the cord with the teeth and eat the placenta, which provides protein, essential for rapid recovery. Then he will clean them and bring them closer to the breasts.

Once the delivery is over, the place where the mother and her pups will rest should be clean and dry and according to the time of the year you will need more or less shelter. Never separate babies from their mother's side before 2 months and make sure that when you do they are vaccinated, for added protection.

Final words of Golden Retriever training

In short, thanks to the nature of these dogs, training a Golden Retriever can be a very pleasant task. Regardless of the age at which it begins, the results will be positive, as long as you proceed assertively, patiently and put a huge dose of love in each order, word or attitude.

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