Nursery for dogs: which, when and why to use it


Dog residences or dog kindergartens are the perfect place to leave our friend in good hands if we have to be outside our home for family, professional or personal reasons.

It is normal for the first days our dog is somewhat apathetic and does not show much desire to play or eat, although there are also animals that from the first day are integrated into the rhythm and routine of the place. A good marble residence must have qualified professionals and facilities specialized in the care of canids. In this article we collect those elements that you should pay attention to if you are thinking of looking for a residence for your pet.

Large and well ventilated spaces

The first thing we have to look at is that the residence has ample spaces and that these are properly ventilated to avoid bad odors and that animals breathe a stale air. In addition, it is the best way to reduce some conditions, such as tracheobronchitis.

It is also important that you have a climate control system, since animals, like humans, also suffer in too cold or hot environments.

Individual spaces where animals will rest will also have to be wide, never less than 6 square meters. If two canids live in the cage, the space must be double, that is, 12 meters. Thus, animals can move freely while they are there.

Finally, it is essential that you have outdoor areas so that dogs can go outside and run outdoors, an aspect that is essential for the correct physical and mental development of the animal.

All areas must be equipped with a surveillance system that allows controlling what happens at all times in the facilities, especially during the night, at which time there is less staff. There are residences that even allow us to view our dog during his stay through mobile devices, an interesting system that will allow us to observe that our animal is well cared for.


Of course, the canine residence has to be clean and conveniently disinfected, both common spaces, and cages. The professionals will have to inform us about the way in which they disinfect and clean the different facilities of the dogs, as well as how often they do it.

Good hygiene prevents animals from contracting diseases or parasites.

Associated with this, it is necessary that we verify that the facilities have a complete drainage system that facilitates the cleaning of the interior enclosures and the cages.

Health care

Finally, the nursery or canine residence has to have staff, among which veterinarians and health professionals who care for and cover the health and nutritional needs of canids.

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By decaninos on 06/03/2017 at 15: 53h

Thanks for the info. I would like to add that it is important to ask if the residence owns the zoo core license. With it you make sure that they are in order with the Ministry of Environment, the corresponding municipality and that the place has been previously examined by a health inspector.

It would also be good if you were informed of the type of food they are given, how many times a day and the same with the water.

I have a dog blog and we have also discussed this topic and some other very interesting ones.

Why a nursery for dogs

A canine nursery It is a service that is increasingly offered in cities given the high level of daily activity of adopters.

Dogs are clear that they are very social animals that carry loneliness fatally and remain alone at home.

A canine nursery becomes the best remedy to prevent the dog from suffering loneliness and stress at home by being so many hours locked, or the best remedy for when their adopters have to go on a trip or have some urgency and do not know where they can leave the dog

But, in addition to all these services, a canine nursery implies important benefits for the animal:

  • The dog learns to live with other dogs, reinforcing that it is a more sociable dog with others.
  • The dog drains energy playing with other dogs, which at home could not be depleted by developing anxiety, often leading to inappropriate behavior such as shredding things, intermittent urination, brick

When a daycare for dogs

The services of a kindergarten can be used in cases as different as:

  • Dogs that spend too many hours alone at home and often suffer from separation anxiety problems.
  • Adopters to whom an emergency arises and they have nowhere to leave their dog for those hours or days.
  • Adopters who plan a trip where the dog has no cab

Which nursery for dogs

Not all kindergartens are suitable for dogs.

I am going to list you a series of considerations that you must take into account to choose a good daycare for dogs.

  • Must have qualified professionals. Not everyone serves to care for dogs. The personnel of a canine nursery should not only watch the dogs: they must have knowledge of canine education, food, basic veterinary care, etc.
  • You must have a generous space. We refer to space both inside and outside. A dog needs to go outside and have a garden where you can enjoy sunbathing. It shuns nurseries that are four-wall drawers where there is hardly any ventilation or large windows.
  • Must have veterinary service. When we have commented that in a nursery it is necessary to have veterinary knowledge it is because you never know what can happen or what kind of dogs you have to take care of. There may be dogs that need medication, dogs that have epileptic seizures, dogs that exalt themselves in a fight (it is not common if professionals know how to get ahead of the signs) and that wound healing should be done, etc.
  • Must have hygienic and safe facilities. Hygiene and safety is essential, so taking a look at the facilities before leaving your dog is a good idea to not regret later. It should be checked that the facilities have the minimum hygienic measures, and safety: that the dog is prevented from escaping, can be injured with cables, etc.
  • You must have a personalized feed. You can take your dog's food or adapt to that of the nursery, yes, see that as far as possible it is personalized to prevent your dog from getting sick to your stomach the days he is there.

A nursery for dogs, in addition to taking care of the limit of dogs, you must also take care of the type of dog that hosts in its facilities.

Very antisocial dogs or older dogs are not recommended, since they suffer more than they enjoy it. For these cases, instead of a kindergarten, it is better to contribute by kangaroos, in which the attention is more personalized.