Tricks to train a beagle


Training in a dog as playful as the Beagle will be necessary if you want to control such an energetic dog.

Training a Beagle can be very fun and No need to worry if the dog does not learn at first. As a general rule, It takes a Beagle to assimilate an order around three to ten days, depending on the constancy and complexity it has. But if you are more than determined to train a Beagle you will have to know the tricks to train it more easily so that learning is faster so that the canine is not distracted.

The character of the Beagle

This canine has an endearing character, since it is characterized by being a gentle, cheerful and affectionate dog. Although it is true that it is a bit naughty if a good training is not performed, the Beagle enjoys the company of the family and is ideal for being with children. This pet has such an attachment to people that it can develop anxiety because of being separated from its owners for a long time.

Use positive reinforcement in learning

In the training of a Beagle or any other dog it is necessary to know that physical and verbal punishment can not only be quite harmful to the pet, but it is also practically ineffective. Therefore, for a correct training the positive reinforcement of the animal will be used. This consists in not punishing the dog for its mistakes but in rewarding it every time it is right, in this case it is good to count with a clicker and goodies for dogs when using positive reinforcement.

The clicker is a tool that, when pressed, emits a characteristic noise. It is a fairly fast method that has great effectiveness, so it is recommended to use the clicker and immediately give the dog a treat. And the clicker will ensure that the dog does not overexcite with the treat, since auditory stimulation allows the dog to have greater concentration. And you have to be warm that dogs have the instinct to please their owners and that the key to good training is good communication.

When will it be better to train it?

The ideal way to start training the Beagle will be when your pet is between eight or fourteen weeks old, since it will be more influential. So as soon as you get home you will start training. Although sometimes it is the case that the canine arrives at home before having at least eight weeks. But this will not be a problem, since you will still have to teach him simple things like the routine he should carry. And for the Beagle to learn what the routine is, you should start feeding the dog at the same time every day, preventing you from eating food or treats between meals and it will also be necessary to make him get used to wearing the necklace before also marking the schedules of the daily walks.

And once you have eight weeks of life you can start training with basic orders. But before that, the dog will have to answer his name, since the name of the pet is always essential to get their attention, and if you can not get their attention it will be very difficult to obey.

When the dog has learned his name and responds to him, he can start learning other basic commands such as sit, lie down or stand still. To facilitate the training of a Beagle it is good that the dog is first encouraged a lot and play with him until he is in a state of overexcitation and then calm him down. This will make him learn when the game is over and help him to be able to respect the limits. It is also recommended that the dog be brushed daily during the first weeks of training, since it is one of the actions that strengthen the bond between the pet and the owner. And as the dog assimilates the basic orders, you can enter more complex commands, and always using positive reinforcement.

Tips for your training

The constancy in learning will be vital and the key to success in the correct training of the animal. In addition, for the training of any canine will have to have patience, goodwill and be 100% committed to the education of the animal. If you do not have the necessary time or patience it will be better to contact a professional canine educator.

Another important aspect is that the Beagle must be trained with only one command at a time until it manages to assimilate and execute it without problem. So before starting with another order, it will be essential to ensure that the previous task has been well learned. Training routines must be short and objective, in order to optimize their concentration and promote dog learning. The ideal time to be used daily will be with sessions of 10 to 15 minutes. And as you grow and learn the basic commands, it will be time to gradually increase the complexity of the orders during your training.

The temperament of the beagle

The beagle is a dog of endearing character, because it is characterized by being gentle, cheerful and affectionate. He enjoys the company of his family and is ideal to be with children, because he has almost infinite patience, however, because of the attachment he can develop, he is prone to suffer separation anxiety.

Although it can bark in the presence of strangers, it also easily accepts strangers, so it is not very useful as a watchdog.

The beagle needs exercise, especially to avoid overweight that is associated with this breed, but does not require intense exercise, so it is not recommended to take it to a state of exhaustion.

As for the beagle trainingWe must know that it is an intelligent and obedient dog, but that it can be easily distracted by olfactory stimuli, due to its nature.

Positive reinforcement in beagle learning

For train a beagle Just like any other dog, we must know that physical and verbal punishment, in addition to being harmful to the animal, is not at all effective. Instead, positive reinforcement should be used.

The positive reinforcement is not to punish the dog for his mistakes but to reward him for his successes, in this case we suggest you use clicker and treats for dogs when using this method.

  • Clicker: This is a tool that emits a characteristic noise when pressing a sheet. It is a method as fast as effective. It is recommended to use the clicker and immediately afterwards offer the treat. Discover the clicker initiation.
  • Treats for dogs: By using the clicker previously we allow the dog not to overexcite too much with the treat, since auditory stimulation allows the dog to have a greater concentration.

We must be clear that dogs have the instinct to please their owners and that the key to learning lies in good communication, do not forget to reward your dog when his behavior is appropriate and do not communicate with him in a way that can be confusing.

Beagle dogs are friendly but very active, so like any breed of dog needs standards and education.

The beagle are one breed of dog very friendly, but these little ones with a sweet look, can sometimes be a little stubborn so we will explain below, a step guide in which we explain how to train a beagle.

One of the most famous and beloved races that exist, is the Beagle whose appearance makes them be considered an affable and very affectionate dog and although they are, sometimes if they are not educated since childhood they can end becoming dogs that it costs to obey or do not recognize our authority.

This is also a breed of dog to which has a hard time paying attention and perhaps because of this many owners end up giving up and not training them properly. Thus, it will be good to follow the steps that we now indicate so you can educate your beagle well and have a relationship of love and respect with your pet.

Steps to train a beagle

To avoid the stubborn and somewhat rebellious character that the beagle can have, it is important above all that we start train them from small, following very basic guidelines.

  1. In this way, the first thing to do show your beagle is the call. For it you must get away from the dog, and call him by his name. If you see that it does not come, you have to get his attention with some candy. If you learn to come to your call you will have a lot of cattle since the beagle will see you as a leader you always have to obey.
  2. Another thing that should not be underestimated it's the huge passion that the beagle puppies (and in general all puppies) they have to bite their hands and people's feet. It is important that they understand that they should not bite us (especially when there are children at home), and for this, you must give them toys or stuffed animals, and the moment they come to bite, offer them the toy so they understand that they can only bite that.
  3. Another of the important steps for beagle training is when the dog stays home alone. From the 2/3 months, it is customary for the little puppy to be left alone in the house for longer and longer periods of time without destroying furniture or carpets.
  4. Try do it gradually to avoid the famous trauma of abandonment to which puppies are subjected.
  5. As advice you should first leave it for only five minutes, and listen through the door if it cries or scratches. After that time Go back home and if he has behaved you should reward him. In this way he will understand from puppy that if he behaves well, when you return he will have his prize. You must also increase the time periods in which you leave it alone.
  6. A special chapter in the training of the beagle corresponds to the fact Wear it with the strap. The beagle is a dog that by nature it pulls a lot, but your puppy must learn immediately to follow you without pulling like a leash like crazy.
  7. To achieve this, you must always decide where and how to go Remembering that you should not submit to his will. For it, walk with a reward in hand and in this way he will walk on your side. When you see that it pulls, you stop dry. Little by little he will understand that if he throws you will stop so that he will eventually reduce the pace.
  8. For the training of the beagle, you should also know that this is a dog that is very popular both in France and in England as a dog Hunter. so that it has a lot of strength and power, so it is imperative (although for all dogs almost the same), that you take your beagle to exercise or run as much as possible.
  9. This is a dog that always wants to be active at home, so if you take it out take long walks where you can also run, in the long run you will have a happy dog ​​able to be calm at home, and let off steam when you go running.
  10. Further, if you get tired then you will notice how at home it behaves much better.
  11. It may be that the excessive strength of character of this breed of dog exhausts you sometimes, but the beagle are also very intelligent (in fact sometimes they also serve as police dogs), so that if you educate them since childhood, you will achieve that they are very complete dogs as adults, although for that You will need a lot of patience, perseverance and determination.

Beagle puppy learning

From 8-14 weeks of age, our pet will be more easily influenced, but it may be that our puppy arrives before this age to our home, and then the learning should consist simply of showing the dog a routine.

If we want the tricks to train a beagle be effective, we must first be able to establish a routine, as this will allow our pet to feel safe in their new home, in addition, the routine alone facilitates the understanding of the limits that as leaders we must impose.

The routine must translate into feeding the dog at the same time, avoid giving him food or treats between hours and allow him to get used to his collar to later also mark the schedules of the daily walks.

How to train a beagle

From 8 weeks of life we ​​can start learning the basic orders, but for this we will need our dog to respond to his name, since the name of the pet is essential to get their attention, and if we don't have your attention we can hardly pretend to be obedient.

In order for your pet to learn its name we recommend that you act as follows:

  • Make sure that this learning takes place in calm and distraction-free environments.
  • Call your dog by name and when you get his attention, press the clicker and offer him a prize.
  • When your pet has assimilated this information, you should move away so that by calling her she comes to you, you must also use the clicker and the prize when she does.

Once the dog has learned its name and responds to it, you can start learning other basic commands such as sit down, lie down or stand still.

To facilitate the training of a beagle as well as your obedience, we also recommend that you rely on the following actions:

  • Overexcitation and calm: First you must encourage your dog a lot and play with him until he is in a state of overexcitation (do not prolong this situation much as it can be stressful for your beagle), then you must encourage him to calm down, which will teach him when The game is over and will help you to be able to respect the limits.
  • Brushing: In the early stages of learning we recommend that you brush your beagle on a daily basis, since few actions strengthen both the link between the dog and the owner, and when we subject our pet to brushing, we are also disciplining it.

Once the dog has assimilated the basic orders, we can enter more complex commands, always using positive reinforcement.

Problems with training your beagle?

Train a Beagle It is something simple if the owner is able to communicate properly, however, sometimes we can find various difficulties, to help you overcome them we provide you with more dog training tricks, and more information about basic dog orders.

Finally, we want to remind you once again of the importance of positive reinforcement, as well as that of going to a canine educator if we see that our dog's behavior does not respond positively to the learning process.

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