How to choose the name of the cat


We help you find the ideal name for your pet with this simple onlie tool. Thousands of cat names to choose from.

Choosing the perfect name for a cat is not easy. When we meet the cat for the first time, usually as a puppy, we tend to look for a name that defines it, that we like and that fits the cat's personality. However, sometimes it is difficult to find out what it will be like when it grows.

With this simple tool you can check hundreds of names in our database of cat names and find the one you like best.

How the Cat Names tool works

The operation is very simple. Simply choose the parameters you want to use for your search:

  • Sex: Are you looking for names for a male or female cat?
  • Initial: by what letter would you like your cat's name to begin?
  • Number of letters: do you prefer a short name or a long name?

Then click on the Get Name button. You will immediately get a suggestion that matches the parameters you have marked. If you don't like it, you can click on the “Get new name” button. If you leave the parameters blank, you will get a random suggestion.

Missi, Mia, Silvestre, Mau, Meow and Whiskers are in the top 10 of the favorite names for cats

When adopting a pussycat in our family we must take into account a series of premises that range from their food and other needs, to the Name With whom we will call him. Regarding the latter and despite the fact that, a priori, it seems a minor issue, we cannot forget that he will accompany him throughout his life, which will serve us not only to name him but also to get his attention, claim his love and a Long etcetera. A fun but also difficult choice. For you to guess, we propose some ideas.

The most common

Thus, among the top 10 of the preferred nouns for cats are Missi, Kitty, Kira, Misha and Mia - at the head, especially for females -, Simba, Silvestre, Tom, Garfield and Felix - borrowed from cartoons -, Mau, Whiskers-in honor of these feline receptors-, Alvin, Blitz, Keiko, Daima, Duham, Geneva and Khalessi - fashionable thanks to Game of Thrones.


Try to avoid difficult names to pronounce, remember, bizarre or too long. It is very respectable that you want to be original and innovate, but this is not equivalent to being searched.

Decide for one monosyllabic or bisyllabic, specialists say that the pet identifies them more clearly and also responds more quickly.

Stay away from those that get confused with orders like “sit,” “grave,” and similar terms used in the training.
If you have another cat at home, opt for a totally different one to not exchange them.

Apart from these considerations, it is clear that each of us will follow a criterion in making this decision. From color, character, to the race of our little friend can be part of the assessment. But they are not the only parameters that influence.

He meaning The noun itself is an aspect that many owners pay special attention to. In this case, the Japanese names are postulated as the great winners. Akira (cheerful), Aka (tender), Keiko (respectful), Ogi (flower) are some of them. Hebrew, Arabic, Greek and English are also a great source of inspiration. Sarah (princess), Farah (cheerful), Kyra (delicate) and Velvet (velvet) respectively are among the favorites.

Appointing the Mixino with a part of his body is also a common technique: Whiskers, Hooves, Orejotas, Fang and others do nothing but show it. However, this is not the only one that contemplates a physical trait of the animal, but, frequently, the size, color of the coat and the breed are decisive.

In this way, we will find a lot of Snowball and Snowy White, Siamese Cinnamon, Tabby Lynx, Socks for those who have white legs and so on. On the other hand, Peque, Pitusino, Pandorino, Pitu, Xiqui, Gordi and Mini have their size as a starting point.

The Cartoon they also give rise to felines called Tom - from Tom & Jerry -, Felix, Don Gato, Garfield, Kitty, Sandokan, Salem - from Sabrina -, Shere Khan - from the Jungle Book -, Wild - from Piolin -, Cheshire –Of Alice in Wonderland- and Isidoro. Surely you know some.

In our opinion, the ideal would be to name our cat based on his character or personal history. For example, if our cat disappears frequently, Houdini or Fum will go to the hair, while if it is talkative, what better than Meu or Miau.

And you, what name have you given your little one?

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How to choose the name of the cat is a tip for Cats, and talks about General Topics.

The choice of a name

If you have a new kitten at home or expect to have it soon, surely you have you raised what name to put. It is important because it is recommended to call you from the beginning with a specific name to get used to. There are names for the most varied cats, and you, which one do you choose?

Tips to call your cat

Finding a suitable name for our pet is not as easy as it may seem, there are a couple of important tips to keep in mind when deciding.

  • It should be a simple name to remember and easy to pronounce, avoiding complicated and extravagant names.
  • The names of short cats facilitate learning by our cat, as well as its attention to our attention calls.
  • We recommend unanimity among all family members, you have to choose a name that everyone likes.

How would you like your cat's name to be?

There are many funny and creative names for cats On this website, you will be able to find one that suits your pet's characteristics perfectly! We have developed lists with many short, long, funny, rare names. for any race, male or female, for you to choose.

> Are you looking for a very original name for your cat? We leave you a few that you will love! In addition we give you some tips:

Think about the things you like: Surely you have some very original tastes. Do you especially like ice cream? Then why not put your cat Haagen Dazs? Do you hallucinate going out at night to see the stars? Do youWhy don't you put your Milky cat, by Milky Way? As you can see, the most original name for your cat or cat can come out of your own tastes.

When you think of a name, you can do the test and translate it into another language. Thus, a name sometimes very common in Spanish, such as Canela, in another language becomes a very original name, even if it maintains the same meaning.

Join two words that have nothing to do with each other. For example, imagine that you like to play tennis and singer Frank Sinatra. Why not put your cat Garros Sinatra Garros? (by Roland Garros). So surely you get a unique name!

Some names that are characterized by their originality are:


If you are thinking of adopting a friendly domestic feline, you should be thinking about options names for cats. The name is very important, so it is normal that you don't stop spinning!

The first thing we recommend from Captain Pets is that you make a list of names that you like. and that you read our advice well before deciding. It is possible that there are certain things that you have not taken into account when deciding names and that should be valued, but, otherwise, choosing names for cats gives us a freedom that we do not have to choose the names of our children, for example . Choosing a name is complicated, but it can also be fun!

Tips for choosing names for cats

Do you have your list of cat names ready? Well, you can start crossing out the inappropriate options by reading the following recommendations:

    Easier than with a dog: Cats find it harder to identify with their own name than dogs, and sometimes they don't. They identify much better the tones of voice and the particular inflections that we do when we address them, as well as hiss and clicks. To choose dog names we have to choose a short name and with an easily recognizable loudness to come to our call. But cats do not come to our call unless they want to. Therefore, we can get a little more creative with the name of our cat. But we can't go too! Remember that in many cases they do recognize their own name, so it is better not to give them names of two or more words or too complicated names.

Beware of jokes: In the case of dogs we have to be very careful with the name we give it, because then we will have to call it in the park or on the street, and what makes us so funny at home, in the street it makes us drop the face of shame With the names for cats we might think that we do not have this problem, but it is not so. People will ask us for the name of the pet, they will have a veterinarian and a health card. And what happens if we get lost and we have to hang up posters? It is better to choose a name that we can say with peace of mind.

Forever: The most important thing of all is that you choose names for cats that you like, since they will accompany you throughout their lives. But we also have to choose a name that ages well. It is possible that we have just adopted a month and a half kitten, very thin and with big ears. And may we be tempted to call him "dried apricots." However, most likely, as an adult, your ears are fully proportioned. So be careful!

A name that hits you: We may want to wait a little to choose the name of our cat, to see him or to know him better, and to choose something that matches his personality. It's a very good idea!

Famous cats: We can also choose names of cats inspired by famous people that we admire, such as our favorite writer, or famous cats or who have been movie characters. It is also a very frequent and fun option!

  • Let the little ones in the family help you: If there are children among family members, it can be fun to find a name among everyone. But watch out for the little ones, sometimes they get the most crazy ideas!
  • Are you ready to think possible names for cats? Remember to try it a bit to see if it works, nothing happens if the cat has more than one name the first few days. But, yes, once you decide, always call it the same way. This will make it easier for you to identify yourself with the name you have chosen for him.