How does KONG work for dogs?


Mental stimulation is an important daily requirement for all dogs of all ages, as it keeps their brain busy. An easy way to provide mental stimulation to your dog is the Kongs stuffed with food. As a professional dog trainer, I recommend putting your dog's meals in Kong dog toys instead of bowls.

Before you throw your dog a stuffed Kong food, It is important to correctly present a Kong to your dog.

What size Kong for my dog?

Kong toys for dogs are made of non-toxic rubber with a hollow center inside. These dog toys seem strange, but dogs love them because they bounce when they are thrown. Most dogs enjoy a large Kong, while smaller dogs may need a large one..

When giving toys to dogs, bigger is better to avoid swallowing pieces of toys. For strong chewers, choose the black Extreme Kong. This is made of a more resistant material and can withstand power chewing. When in doubt, bigger and stronger is always better.

How to introduce a Kong to your dog

After choosing the right sized Kong for your dog, it's time to introduce it! The correct introduction of Kong is the key. Many dogs will simply walk away from a strange rubber toy. However, once your dog realizes that food falls out of his Kong toy, he will quickly become super interested.

Step 1: Show him that the food is inside

Make it super simple at first. Think of the Kongs stuffed with food as puzzles. Spread peanut butter around the outer edge of the Kong and add some treats inside. Place the Kong on a soft surface and move away. Refrain from throwing a Kong on the ground, as this could scare some dogs.

Ninety percent of dogs will walk and investigate this strange rubber alien on the ground because it smells like peanut butter. Placing Kongs on soft surfaces, like a mat, prevents them from wobbling, which can scare some dogs too.

Step 2: Practice twice a day

Randomly, throughout the day, spread the peanut butter and some small loose treats inside a Kong, and leave it on a soft surface. Follow step 1 for 2-3 days. Once your dog is licking Kong, it is time to go to step 2. Of course, continue to feed your dog with a bowl of food until you are completely comfortable emptying a Kong.

What is the KONG for dogs?

The KONG is one of the most used dog toys mainly due to its multiple benefits. It is a toy food dispenser, but it also works as intelligence toy. Basically you must fill the hole with the chosen food (either feed, pate or a mix of both) and leave it at your disposal.

The dog must strive to remove the food from the inside, due to its rigid structure, either manipulating it with the legs so that it comes out, in the case of dry feed, or holding it well with both to be able to lick the interior, in the case of using wet food or pate. This whole process stimulate your mind and his body

This toy is indicated in the following cases:

  • Dogs suffering from behavior problems in general
  • Dogs suffering from separation related disorders
  • Dogs that disperse easily and don't know how to pay attention to a particular stimulus
  • Dogs that spend many hours alone or that live in a poor environment without stimuli
  • Dogs with anxiety and stress problems

Also, the KONG can be used as an extra daily enrichment and stimulation, it is not necessary to use it exclusively in the case that the dog suffers from behavioral problems.

The way to fill in the KONG will depend on several factors related to our dog. In the case of using the KONG for the first time or if you have a dog with a low tolerance for frustration, the ideal thing will be to fill it with dry feed or rigid dog treats. In this way, only with a light touch, the toy will sell food and it will be easier for the dog to understand its operation.

It is important to highlight that it should be practiced with dry food two or three times before moving on to a second "level" or wanting to introduce other types of food. It is important that the dog is accustomed to its use.

If you want to use it as a tool to relaxation or as entertainment before leaving home, we can fill it with wet pate, as it is more difficult to remove. The dog will spend more time trying to extract all the food in it. Finally, for dogs that already know their functioning and that for them is an extra enrichment, we can create several layers of food, combining all the possibilities that we can think of.

Some ideas to fill in the kong They may be:

  1. I think dry
  2. Pate or wet food
  3. KONG Stuff'n
  4. Cream of cheese without lactose, salt or sugar
  5. Chicken pieces boiled>

KONG types>

As we have said, in the market you will find a large quantity and variety of KONG types focused on the needs or characteristics of each dog. For this reason do not be surprised if in your usual trade you find KONG of different colors and sizes. But which one to choose?

  • KONG red: is the "standard" model valid for virtually any adult dog.
  • KONG black: indicated for dogs with a powerful jaw, as is the case with the American pit bull terrier, it is practically impossible to destroy.
  • LONG KONG: This model is softer and is focused on senior dogs (over 8 years old) who have dental problems, for example, or difficulties in using the red KONG.
  • KONG blue: indicated for puppies. It promotes good chewing.
  • KONG blue "pacifier": especially suitable for dogs in teething stage.

What is the price of a KONG for dogs?

It is a product that has a low cost (we put it between 6 and 10 € / $) for this reason we do not recommend manufacturing our own kong if we are thinking of using a plastic bottle, an untreated bone etc. The safety of your dog comes first.

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Choose the Kong according to its size

In animal stores we will find several sizes: small (size S), medium (M) and large (L). Depending on the race and, especially, the size of our friend, we will have to choose one or the other. So, if it is a Pomeranian, Yorkshire or other type of hairy that is small, we will choose the size S, if it is a dog that weighs between 10 and 25kg, we will take an M, and if it weighs more than 25kg, we will choose the L.

Use it properly

The Kong can serve both to stimulate the mind of dogs and to treat separation anxiety. If we want to give it simply as a stimulant, what we will do is mix dog treats (or dry feed) with some pate and then we will introduce it into the toy and then give it to the dog. Soon we will see that he does everything he can to get his prize.

But if what we want is to treat separation anxiety, once we have filled it out as we have explained, what we will do is give it a good time before we leave. Why? Because if we give it to, for example, ten minutes or twenty of our departure, the animal will end up associating the Kong with something that causes emotional distress, which is just what we have to avoid. With the passing of the days, we will see that the hairy is getting quieter.

So you know, choose and use the best Kong for your dog. 🙂

There are 4 types of Kong according to the age of your dog that you can distinguish by its color

  • Puppies - Puppy: It is a kong adapted to your teeth available in two colors, blueorpink.
  • Seniors - Senior: for older dogs, the Kong is colored purple And it is specially designed with your teeth and gums in mind.
  • Adults ->

Depending on the size of your dog you can find several types of Kong within each color

  • Extra small - extra small: for dogs up to 2 kilos.
  • Small - small: for dogs up to 9 kilos.
  • Medium - Medium: for dogs between 7 and 16 kilos.
  • Large - Large: for dogs between 13 and 30 kilos.
  • X Large - Extra Large: for dogs between 27 and 41 kilos.
  • XX Large - Extra Extra Large: for dogs over 38 kilos.

To buy the Kong right now on Amazon and start enjoying it. Click on these links according to the type of Kong that best suits your dog and, once inside the link, choose the appropriate size:

What is KONG for dogs and what is it for?

At a glance, the KONG Classic It may seem like a simple food container that will entertain your dog for a while. However, there are many benefits of its use. The idea is to fill the toy with different foods that are attractive to your dog, and that he has fun and exercise your intelligence and smell discovering the best way to extract the tasty prize.

Kong is mainly recommended for dogs with stress problems, separation anxiety and for those who spend many hours of the day alone and tend to get bored. However, all dogs can take advantage of the benefits of exercising their mind with this toy, also enjoying a delicious meal.

With regard to its use, the ideal is to start the dog with easy-to-extract foods, and raise the difficulty as the dog learns how the Kong works. With this in mind, it can sometimes be difficult to manage to offer novel food combinations that stimulate the dog's desire. Therefore, here are some Recipes to fill your dog's Kong.

Recipe 1 to fill in the KONG: potatoes and chicken

The potatoes or potatoes They are a very healthy food for dogs, although they should always be offered in moderation. This food, rich in carbohydrates, will make your dog feel more satiated, in addition, by adding chicken or turkey You will provide the necessary portion of protein.

The portions will vary according to the size of the dog and, therefore, of the kong. Since it is an extra in your diet, you can make a large amount and reserve leftovers in the fridge for the next few days.

The process is very simple, you will need:

  • Potatoes or potatoes
  • Chicken or turkey

Wash the potatoes very well, remove the peel and cook them in salted water. Add chicken or turkey, without skin or fat. Cook until everything is soft. Drain the water, let it cool a little and then crush the legs to form a puree. Crumble the chicken and mix well with the mash. Ready!

Remember: you should not add salt, oil, onion or garlic.

Recipe 2 to fill in the KONG: cheese and carrot

This second recipe can be served raw or cooked. You will need to:

  • Carrots
  • Cheese without salt or lactose
  • Saltless Turkey Ham

Wash and peel the carrots very well. Put them to cook in a pot with water until they are soft. When this happens, remove from heat, drain the water and let cool a few minutes. Proceed to crush to form a puree. Cut the turkey ham into small pieces and integrate with one or two tablespoons of cottage cheese. Mix with the mash. Delicious!

Wash the carrots and then remove the skin. Cut into thin circles, or stick-shaped. Chop the ham into small pieces. Add the ingredients in your dog's Kong, alerting carrot sticks or circles, ham and a few tablespoons of cheese.

Recipe 3 to fill the KONG: meat and potatoes

The procedure is similar to that of potatoes with chicken. You will need to:

  • Beef
  • Potatoes or potatoes
  • Cheese without salt or lactose

Choose low-fat beef, preferably minced, but if you've only got a steak you can cut it into very small pieces. Add the meat in a pot with water and let it cook. Wash and peel the potatoes, then add to the same pot. When everything is well cooked, drain and crush the potatoes to form a puree, add the meat and the cottage cheese, mix everything very well and go!

Recipe 4 to fill the KONG: banana and yogurt

Like you, your dog will appreciate if you offer a tasty dessert, better yet if this is natural! To prepare it, you will need:

  • Ripe bananas
  • Yogurt without sugar or lactose
  • Peanut butter eco

Remove the banana peel, cut into slices and then crush with a fork to form a puree. Add two tablespoons of yogurt without sugar or lactose and a teaspoon of peanut butter, mix everything until the ingredients are integrated. You already have a delicious dessert!

Remember: You should never add sugar, syrups or chocolate to your dog's recipes.

Other recipes to fill the KONG

Of course, your dog's Kong can be filled with many other things, the trick is discover what you like besta and raise the level of difficulty when extracting food. You can also add:

  • I think for dogs, dry or wet
  • Canned dog food
  • Canine croquettes
  • Chicken liver, neck and heart of chicken (cooked)
  • Boiled egg
  • Assorted fruits

There are many combinations for the Kong! Remember to avoid toxic foods for dogs (such as garlic, onions and chocolate) at all costs and those you know produce allergy in your furry friend.

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