Learn how to clean a fishbowl


We give you all the advice on how to clean a fish tank at home, you just need to be very careful and use the right products.

Fish are an excellent option for those who want to have pets, but do not have much time to devote. However, this does not mean that they do not need any attention. I discovered how to clean a fishbowl without taking out the fish and how to clean the bottom of a fishbowl, among many other things, with Cleanipedia.

Do you have doubts about how to clean a fish tank at home? Always use products suitable for this task, which are purchased at the pet store, and soft cloths to avoid damaging the fish tank, such as Cif Ballerina Multi-Purpose Cloths.

How to clean a fish tank step by step

Fish are very sensitive to sudden changes. For this reason, it is necessary that you follow the simple steps that we indicate below, so that you can clean the fish tank successfully and without mishaps.

  1. Before you start cleaning, unplug all filters and any electrical element that is near the fish tank.
  2. If you wonder how to clean the water in a fish tank, you first have to prepare the water that you are going to renew. The new water must be at the same temperature as the water in the fish tank. In a clean container, place water and water treatment that can be purchased at any pet store. Do not forget to read the instructions in the treatment kit carefully.
  3. Remove all decorative objects from the fish tank and clean them with a soft cloth, such as Cif Cloths Ballerina Multipurpose, and water.
  4. Clean the floor and walls of the fish tank with an algae scraper or a razor blade. In case your fish tank is acrylic, avoid using the razor blade, because it can leave marks.
  5. With the help of a network, remove the debris from the surface.
  6. With a cloth dampened with water, clean the outer walls of the fish tank. If the fish tank has many spots, it is important that you consult the pet store which product you can use. Cleaning chemicals are usually very abrasive and harmful to fish.
  7. With a fish tank siphon, remove the water you are going to replace. It has to replace between 10 and 20% of the water.
  8. Add the previously treated water according to step 2.
  9. I followed the instructions in the filter instruction manual to clean it.

Note:In general, it is advisable to clean the fish tank once a week, but always consult with a professional, because there are several factors that can influence the frequency with which you have to clean it, such as the amount of fish.

How to clean the tartar of a fishbowl

To clean the tartar of a fish tank, white vinegar is a great ally. I moistened a cloth, like Cif Cloths Ballerina Multipurpose, in vinegar and rubbed the stains. Then, use another clean cloth and rinse the fish tank thoroughly with water, since any remaining residue can be harmful to the fish. I repeated this process as many times as necessary to thoroughly remove the stains.

We already tell you all the secrets on how to clean the glass of a fishbowl without taking out the fish. Do not forget to implement all the advice we prepare, so that your fishbowl always looks radiant!

  • Follow the instructions for using the product you use to clean the fish tank.
  • Remember that white vinegar is very useful when you don't know how to clean the glass of a fish tank.
  • Always use clean cloths, such as Cif Ballerina Multipurpose Wipes, to make sure there are no traces of chemicals left.

    Clean a fishbowl

    Fish are really sensitive beings, so you must ensure that the fish tank is always clean. However, it is not just about cleaning, but how we clean it. Indeed, If we do not do it the right way, we can cause serious health problems.

    To do this, here are some tips for cleaning a fish tank.

    Use a scraper

    Algae and mosses, usually greenish in color, can accumulate on the walls or objects that you have in the fish tank. In them, microorganisms and bacteria can be concentrated, so you should clean them with a scraper at least once a week. Of course, remember that you should not use soaps or cleaning products.

    Cleansing fish

    Surely you will know that there are cleaning fish. These are specific species of fish that feed on waste and dirt and, therefore, keep the fish tank clean in a natural and ecological way.

    However, you must consider two things in relation to these fish:

    • First, the presence of cleaning fish in a fish tank It doesn't mean you never have to clean it. Although fish of this type help keep it clean, the truth is that they also produce excrement and waste.
    • In addition, you must ensure that the cleaning fish you enter They are compatible with the species you already have.

    Clean the filter

    If you have a filter in your fish tank, you should give it importance and clean it very well, at least every fifteen days. In addition, they will usually give you instructions in specialized centers and offer you tools and utensils suitable for cleaning.

    Remember to clean it thoroughly, preferably not at the same time you clean the rest of the fish tank.

    Step by Step

    • First, Remove all the accessories (stones, plants, ornaments) from the fish tank and clean them With plenty of running water. Also, if necessary, use a scraper. Clean them well until the running water that washes them comes out clean.
    • Now, you must put the current water from the fish tank in another container with the fish. To do this, use a container that you are sure does not contain soap or detergent residue. Pass the water and fish to that bowl.
    • Then, scrape the walls of the fish tank with a scraper, making sure you eliminate any type of algae or embedded debris.
    • Also, clean the fish tank with a little vinegar and a cloth. Clean it well and then remove all vinegar residues with plenty of running water. Let it dry well.
    • After, pass your fish to the fishbowl, but only with a part of the water (enough for them to move).
    • Then, in another container, add how much new water you will need to finish filling the fish tank. It is time to treat this water with specific products for fish tanks. These types of products guarantee that the water is suitable for your fish, without chlorine or other harmful chemicals.
    • Follow the instructions of kit of water treatment and then making sure that it has reached the same temperature of the water in which your fish are, add it to the fish tank.

    In conclusion

    As you can see, it is not a difficult thing. Further, neither should you completely change the water, causing a shock to the fishes. Simply change about 3/4 parts and make sure that all the accessories and walls of the fish tank are very clean, without algae remains.

    Also remember: do not use soaps or regular cleaning products, as they could be really dangerous for your little ones. And above all, keep in mind that a clean fish tank in the right way It is a guarantee for the health of your pets.


    1. Place the towel on the floor in front of the fish tank, so you can absorb any spills that may occur while cleaning the fish tank.
    2. Take out with cu>

    The amount of water you renew in the fish tank depends on the amount of fish you have and how often you clean it, if you clean it every week, the amount of water you will change will be 10-15%. If you clean it every two weeks, the amount will be 25%.

    You can also use a pH test kit to find out if the fish tank water It is suitable or not for your fish.

    Whether you have to clean a fishbowl Small or big, these tips will be useful for you to look without causing problems to your fish.